Zip Wallet

This is our electronic wallet, which is used for transactions made online. Its utility is same as a credit or debit card. Zip Wallet is linked with the individual's bank account to make payments.

Go with the flow, Go with ZIP Wallet

Zip Wallet is the cheapest and most economical way to send money to family. Should something happens with your wallet money we have you covered; we’ve developed a 100% money guarantee policy to ensure you the customer have protection and a piece of mind. So move money to your ZIPREMIT today FREE, EASY and you’ve nothing to lose.

Zip Wallet makes online send money easier and faster than ever before. Start smiling and sending the ZIPREMIT way.

Digital Wallet


  1. ZipCash - every reward point you earn builds up your Rita cash. The money you spend with us the more ZipCash we reward you with. So start sending.
  2. CAD - this wallet holds your Canadian dollars.
  3. USD - this wallet holds your USD dollars.
  4. GBP - this wallet holds your pounds.
  5. EUR - this wallet holds your European money.
  6. ZAR - this wallet holds your South African Rand money

3 Quick Ways To Fund Zip Wallet

  1. Email Payment
  2. INTERAC Online
  3. Debit/Credit Card
Fund Wallet

Wallet Features At A Glance

Transfer fundsWallet2Wallet- move funds from one wallet to another in a second. FREE it cost you nothing

Peer2Peer- move funds from one person to another- FREE and cost you nothing
Fund walletOther methods such as credit/debit card will have a small service charge associated with depositing funds to wallet. Always use email or INTERAC Online.
Withdraw fundsOur users can withdraw funds freely from their wallet to their linked bank account
Receive fundsReceive funds from your friends within ZIPREMIT, RITA Money Transfer and ZIPEXCHANGE networks
Send money from your wallet
Send airtime from your wallet
Send food from your wallet
Buy event ticket from your wallet
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